the story...ends!


Mystery and wonder filled me, as I dove into Sri Chinmoy’s vast outpouring of spiritual literature, at one moment my soul thrilling to mystical height of his poem ‘The Absolute’, the next deeply immersed in the timeless and profoundly practical wisdom of 'Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction'. His writings brought utmost clarity to the myriad spiritual concepts I had struggled to previously comprehend. They were also providing me with an invaluable understanding of my place, role and purpose in the universe. I would reflect that it had taken the heart-stirring scenery of a once in lifetime Austrian sunset to kindle but an echo of the feeling of peace and perspective that I would feel seated on a tram with one of his books in hand, or listening to the flowing melodies of his flute music, or admiring the spontaneous beauty of his paintings.


So today I find myself only 20 kilometres from where I grew up, nestled in a loving community of fellow truth seekers, and continuing my search under the loving guidance of Sri Chinmoy. Sometimes I reflect on how far my journey progressed under my own steam, thinking of the desperate cries in the heated yoga room and how I had gradually began to sink back into ignorance, believing that I had exhausted all possibilities, resigning myself to a life of the mundane. And then, comparing it to the ever-blossoming and eternal journey that my life has now become, I feel such sincere gratitude for having someone like Sri Chinmoy as my teacher. He has taught me how to access an ocean of inner peace that had previously proved so elusive. I have no doubt that, if it were not for his all-embracing and truly contemporary path and unfathomable ability to draw me into meditation simply by looking at his photo, I would still be wallowing in the swamps of hedonistic ignorance that had shackled me for a seeming eternity. Coming to his path has truly been the most beautiful, profound and enduring thing ever to happen to me. I may not be rich, or great, or famous, but I can sincerely say that I am truly happy.